Chelsea Asplund/The AS Review

On Feb. 22, the Wellness Outreach Center will launch Western Wellness, a website that covers various topics such as maintaining healthy lifestyles, improving self-esteem, managing stress and anxiety, controlling anger and sexual health. The interactive online program will be open to students and staff who have a Universal ID.

“What we know is that all of these relate to stress, every single one of them,” said WOC Coordinator Catharine Vader. “It’s one-stop-shopping, if you will, and is very Western specific.”

The site contains interactive quizzes, tests, health myths, student testimonials and videos on various topics, as well as extensive articles with Western resources. One interactive test focuses on sleep, and after answering a series of questions, a student can receive a sleep score and be told exactly what they need to do to sleep better.

Vader said it is the WOC’s hope that through this website, students and faculty can have unlimited access to their campus resources. And in return, she said, offices on campus will have a better idea of student’s needs.