Western has conquered nearly all forms of social media. You can find it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn and even Google Plus - with the 10 other people who use it.

However, its most recent social media outlet is causing quite a stir. Western is reevaluating its use of the app Snapchat, after receiving controversial content.

Snapchat is a free app available for iPhone and Android owners. Users can send pictures or videos called “snaps” lasting from one to 10 seconds which, once seen, these snaps are deleted. Its user demographic ranges from ages 13 to 24 years old and is most commonly associated with perpetuating the “selfie.”

Following the creation of the Facebook page WWU Snapchats on March 17, which features snaps from students and is not affiliated with the school, Western decided to join in on the Snapchat fun. Instant regret soon followed.

Though Western’s Snapchat policy only included adding snaps to “My Story,” a feature which allows all followers to view the snap, it has no control of what snaps were being received.

What started out as innocent snaps of Fischer fountain and selfies from Bruce Shepard with his beloved dogs - Andy and Lucy - soon grew into a big, hairy monster. Shortly after creating the Snapchat, Western received an influx of controversial and unmentionable snaps from its followers.

The pictures and videos sent to Western’s Snapchat confused, shocked and saddened the staff members responsible for running the app and subsequently, received these unmentionable images. The snaps, sent by students who will remain anonymous, included evidence that may be incriminating, as well as being genuinely concerning.

The amount of inappropriate snaps received by Western is causing officials to reevaluate the decision to have a Snapchat account in the first place.

Unlike other social media outlets, once a picture is viewed on Snapchat, it is automatically deleted - however, the images sent to Western’s Snapchat have left emotional scars on the viewers that can never be deleted.

It will be a sad day for Western and “Ghostface Chillah,” the name of the ghost in Snapchat’s logo, if Western’s Snapchat account has to be deleted because some people couldn’t keep their drunk snaps to themselves.

*In response to this controversy, the AS Review offers these words: April Fools! Western doesn’t have a Snapchat and will hopefully never get one.
Everything in this story is untrue and made up by yours truly.