Harry Potter had the Weeping Willow and the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin had the battle room during practice sessions at Battle School. The kids in Halloween Town High have “the locker.” The commonality: secret rooms.

Like all great campuses, Western has its own secret places. We at the AS Review have taken the time to list a few and how you might visit them.

Viqueen Lodge
Owned by the Associated Students, this property is located on the remote Sinclair Island and is only accessible by boat. Missing the nonessentials, the barn-red cabin has no electricity and no running water, but an excess of important things like bunk beds, fire pits, rope swings and yachting magazines. It’s also located on a private beach in the midst of prime hiking territory. If you would like to reserve a spot at Viqueen Lodge contact the Viking Union Reservations Office [VU 547] at (360) 650-6131.

The Armory
Owned by the school itself, this building is a relic from the past. Prior to 1972, the complex was a base for the Washington National Guard. Although its primary use was to provide a space for drills, it was also used as a lookout post over the navigable waters of Bellingham Bay. Sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s the building that looks like a hastily constructed two-story Disney Castle near Boulevard Park. Today the building is maintained as a historical landmark and used as an extra attic for the school to store things like tables and chairs.

Challenge Course
The Lakewood Challenge Program is a ropes course owned by the Associated Students. Built for clubs, faculty or other on-campus groups, the location is meant to help foster team building and leadership training through communication, problem solving and of course: ropes. If you are interested in taking the course contact Jonathan Mayfield at (360) 650-7532 or email as.edge@wwu.edu.

Shannon Point Marine Center
Shannon Point Marine Center is an educational facility for marine sciences located at Shannon Point in Anacortes, Wash. As a lab for ocean water quality and ecosystem research, it’s used by all members of Western’s academia, from classes taught for grade schoolers to visiting professors. If you would like to reach the Shannon Point Marine Center contact them at (360) 293-2188.

In addition to providing a ropes course, Lakewood provides students with the opportunity to explore Lake Whatcom through several watercrafts ranging from rowboats to kayaks. Lakewood, located on the shore of Lake Whatcom, has a sand volleyball court, hiking trails, picnic tables and barbecues. It’s a great place to spend sunny days. For more information, check out www.vu.wwu.edu/lakewood.