Jordyn Kehle/The AS Review

Gilbert van Citters/AS Publicity Center

With humble beginnings as a small open mic more than 20 years ago, EndFair is the annual outdoor music festival hosted by the Fairhaven Residence Hall.  This year, EndFair will be hosted in the Fairhaven courtyard on May 14, with entertainment from 10 a.m. to midnight.

Every spring, EndFair offers a wide variety of local band performances throughout the day. In addition to the ongoing music, this year’s EndFair will be offering games and activities for all ages.

The activities at the festival include a spin art station, face painting and a dunk tank to soak the resident adviser of your choice. Guests from Western, as well as the greater community, are welcome to attend the festival any time throughout the day, free of charge.

“The goal is to create a fun day where everyone can get together, kind of an end-of-the-year celebration,” said Ethan Glemaker, EndFair staff adviser and Fairhaven resident adviser. “It’s a time for everyone to get together with friends, make more friends and celebrate having a day off.”

Through student feedback and listening parties that brought students together to listen to a variety of artists, the EndFair committee has produced a lineup of 11 bands that will start at noon and end at midnight. Among the lineup is headliner Mad Rad, a Seattle-based band that offers an eclectic sound of hip-hop, electronica, dance, new wave and rock and roll.

Also performing is solo Seattle artist Lisa Dank. According to EndFair Coordinator Emily Smith, Dank is often compared to pop stars like Ke$ha and Lady Gaga, showing a similar style of pop music mixed with dance.

“I’m personally excited for Lisa Dank. I think she has a really fun sound and I think she’s going to put on a great show,” Smith said.

According to Glemaker, the festival’s committee tried to schedule bands that would bring the most crowds while satisfying a wide variety. In addition to Mad Rad and Dank, performers include E-Clec-Ti-City, DJ Vice Versa, Talk Ivory, Hibou, Jeffrey Stillwell, Bread and Circuses, Handful of Luvin’, The Maldives and Lamppost Revival.

“Different people are excited for different groups because there is such an eclectic mix of music,” said Matthew Tombaugh, Fairhaven resident director.

This year’s festival will not only provide musical entertainment and activities, but will also have prize raffles all day. In addition, a silent auction will be selling donated art from the community. All the earnings from the raffles, the art auction and any additional guest contributions will be donated to the Slum Doctor Programme, a Bellingham organization advocating for medicine, education and awareness for people living with HIV and AIDS around the world. The program began in Bellingham but partners with several African organizations to empower and improve the lives of those living with HIV and AIDS.

“The goal is for Fairhaven to give back something to the community while putting forth the ideals that we should be aware of what’s going on in the rest of the world and that we should support local organizations like the Slum Doctor Programme,” Smith said.

Similar to many other organizations on campus, this year’s festival faced some tough budget cuts, leaving the planning committee with half of the budget they were accustomed to using.

“I just hope the festival continues to have the flare and the image that it already does, instead of getting lost because of our lack of money,” Glemaker said. “I’m still confident that this year is going to be great.”

Although EndFair is formally organized by the Fairhaven Residence Hall, the festival’s committee received donations from several other residence halls including Ridgeway Beta, Gamma and Kappa, as well as Nash, Birnam Wood Apartments and Buchanan Towers. According to Glemaker, even though the festival is planned by Fairhaven, the other halls’ help and contributions make it more of a campus-wide event.

This year, EndFair falls on the same weekend as Western’s annual “Back2Bellingham” weekend, during which students, family and alumni are invited to visit and experience the campus community through activities, performances, music and food.

“It’s a great weekend to bring your family here and show them what Fairhaven is all about, what campus is all about and help out the Slum Doctor Programme,” Glemaker said.