By Alison Milton/The AS Review

Are you underage and tired of thinking there is nothing for you to do downtown at night? Are you sick of not being allowed into the awesome concerts downtown because you have yet to turn 21? Well, if you’re looking for an underage venue that offers a safe space for people of all-ages to enjoy live music, look no further than Bellingham’s own WhAAM (Whatcom All-Ages Arts and Music). WhAAM is a volunteer-run nonprofit that has been in operation since 2005 and aims to create a safe, healthy, vibrant and sustainable venue for people of all-ages. Most shows are only $5 and there is a no alcohol, no drug and no violence policy.

Upcoming events at WhAAM:

8 p.m.
Shook Ones, BOAT, Connecticut Four

8 p.m.
Rooftops, The Keaton Collective, Finn Riggins (Boise), Council of Lions

FRIDAY, Oct 23
8 p.m.
The Trutones, Stillborn Unicorn, The Order of the Crimson Wizard, The Cherubs