I’m glad you asked! Really, I am.

Not in a wink-wink, high school counselor broaching a topic sort of way, of course. I’m not so precocious or showy as to try to trick you into reading an introductory column by including an expletive in the headline.

Rather, in my fertile imagination, you’re an eager, slightly manic freshman asking the question honestly. You’re staving off anxiety and unacknowledged homesickness by consuming any information source that crosses your path.

You’ve come across a keeper. Granted, most weeks, we mayn’t be quite so sexy– the issue you’re holding is our special edition High Street bonanza. Next week, we’ll go back to our regular format.

The AS Review is the premiere source for news on Associated Students events and activities, from concerts to workshops to films and everything in between. Ever wonder where your Services and Activities fee money goes to? You can get a pretty good idea with even a brief survey of the Review’s Flash section, a calendar for the week’s upcoming events.

It’s a pretty exciting time to be involved with the Review. Striving to be more than just a town crier, the Review has taken conscious steps in the last few years towards becoming a full-fledged alternative, semi-autonomous news source for the campus. I had the privilege last year of being one of the paper’s first staff writers. In that capacity, I covered everything from the polarized debate regarding the future of the Resource and Outreach Programs to the changing face of student transportation options.

We didn’t just stop with on-campus news. The other writer and I worked to develop treatment of national and international events pertaining to student interest. Chiefly through our editorial section, we covered hot button issues we felt mandated to share with like-minded readers out there.

Last year’s AS Review was all about trying new ideas. This year, we’re looking forward to building on a good thing. This isn’t going to be a “The Two Jakes” sort of sequel– we’re aiming more for “Roadwarrior.”

One exciting development is a full-fledged page devoted to a sort of Associated Students status report; you can see the germinations in the column from Shannon Hutchinson on the page before this one. In addition to keeping you up to snuff on the latest Board activity, the AS page will carry things like KUGS most-played lists and answers to any burning AS questions you might have. Did the reference to the ROP up above leave you scratching your head? Now you’ve got a place to ask.

Another development just cresting the horizon is our new website. Our Internet presence is currently a little more than lacking. We’ve got some top men working on the problem and should be ready to roll with an awesome new site any week now.

We’re looking forward to flexing our creative muscles and seeing what other new stuff we can churn out for you this coming year. We’ve inherited a fantastic paper yet we can’t help but wonder what we can better this year. To quote a famous, recently departed journalist, “it never got weird enough for me.”

We’ll see what we can do about that.