Normally I read the columns and the paper with light-heartedness. It is interesting to see what kind of topics the editors and writers pick to tease apart with freshly-learned journalism skills to comb the landscape with.

However, the column “What the Pop?” interested me, so I thought I might indulge with a review being a journalist student once – although much unexperienced, I still felt compelled. This piece is highly nonobjective, therefore I feel capable to exfoliate in the same manner.

For one, Brett Flora may have also heard of a little known rap artist as Snoop Dogg. Well check this guy out, huh? He just made a book in which you can roll um... your own cigarettes with. But Flora knows the special kind, you what I mean? Perhaps he should do a rip on him next time he writes a column.

But in the meantime, I beg the question: since when has Madonna been the providence of morale highlands, ever? I mean I am not advocating drug abuse, but certainly drug use in some capacities and responsibilities is OK with me. And if it wasn’t, would I care to rattle Madonna for it? Maybe if I needed the attention.

Yes, she is influential, and yes, she has a younger following (although to be honest, my 6-year-old cousins are now flocking to the Gaga, but she is also mature.)

The audience she was speaking to was mature, and they knew it. They weren’t children, nor do they need or want to be treated like them. And it’s not like Madonna is saying to us, “take the X, you all!”

People trying to make something of it are clearly just hoping to steal some limelight it seems to me.

Also, Madonna is Madonna. I don’t know if you know, but she really does not need to “pander” drug references for popularity at all. Unlike Deadmau5, who is still just a weird name with a number on the end of it to me and most people.

And if you’re right? Well then I guess we’ll go back to the ‘90s when “kids” did drugs at raves. Thanks, Madonna, you’re keeping it from going mainstream I guess.

Oh and by the way, there is this band called the Beatles (you might’ve heard of them), who had a series of popular albums in the ‘60s (Abby Roads, Revolver, etc.) all No. 1.

Yeah, they’ve got this popular song called “Strawberry Fields,” might wanna get them on that cause I hear it isn’t actually about Strawberry Fields, and kids like ‘em.