Yoga pants are freaking everywhere, every single which way and where. What started as a specific style for a specific activity has blown up to become a bonafide fashion trend. Visiting my parents overseas, I can see even Europe has caught the yoga pants bug.

I completely get the popularity of yoga pants. I just don’t like them. At all. Not one bit. In fact, I would go as far to say that I hate them. Mildly. A mild hatred.

From my understanding, yoga pants blew up, in part, because yoga blew up. E’erybody was getting their stretch in yoga classes. I think the other boon for yoga pants was comfort. They are comfortable, duh. I have a pair of Under Armour leggings I would wear in cold football games. But, I hear your cries.

Yes, sweatpants are just as comfortable. But, from a fashion perspective, yoga pants, even in all their variation, have more versatility.

Let me explain: outside of yoga, to my eyes, yoga pants are like thicker stockings/leggings. Sweatpants are sweatpants. There is no dressing those up. For example, yoga pants are often worn on the town with a long shirt/blouse type thing, generally long enough to cover the rear. The popularity and fashion versatility makes sense.

But, yoga pants have gone too far. Some of the thinner pants are entirely too form-fitting. But Brett, that’s the point of yoga pants!
Let me expand: I mean form-fitting to the point where I can see everything. The fabric follows every curvature. This is beyond camel toe. We’re talking High Definition. And I have no interest in being a gynecologist. I do not want to see that.

However, I realize that yoga pants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fine.

Here’s my compromise: yoga pants can still be perfectly functional as yoga pants without being extremely form-fitting in the crotch. It’s a win-win. Folks can still wear yoga pants. I don’t see anatomy.

What say you public?