Kittens are absolutely adorable, jumping out of boxes, yawning and, ya know, existing. I’m allergic to cats, but thanks to YouTube, I, too, can go “daaawww” when I watch a kitty video. But, YouTube isn’t just for cats! No! It’s a wonderful source of funny videos, entertainment and time-wasting in the likes the world has never seen. 

With everyone in the world watching videos on YouTube, people are going to be fairly popular if their videos are watched. One of the top non-VEVO videos on YouTube is the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video where a baby bites his brother’s finger. It has more than 450 million views (the Biebs is rockin’ more than 735 million views on “Baby,” but that doesn’t count ‘cause he’s got a record label behind him).

All those views means a nice little chunk of ad money. I couldn’t find an exact number but it’s enough for the family to buy a new house. Charlie getting his finger bit isn’t the only one benefitting from YouTube. The Biebs himself was scooped up by Usher from YouTube and transformed into a leading tween pop star. Other videos that have blown up have given their creators the money and push to do whatever it is in the video as a full-time gig. But, I think the Biebs is an exception.

YouTube is the new one-hit wonder.

Don’t interpret “one-hit wonder” as nothing happens after their video. Stuff happens. The family from “David After Dentist” has made enough money from ads to pay for David’s future college. Obama Girl hosts a TV show and has a line of jewelry. Their lives definitely took a different course, but I honestly didn’t know any of that until I researched this column. To me, they had their video and then…poof!

It’s not unlike pop music one-hit wonders. Really, what did Vanilla Ice do after “Ice Ice Baby,” or what happened to the Baha Men? Did someone let the dogs out and they’ve been looking ever since?

So, I feel, is the same with YouTube. The Internet hoards have a very small attention span. I just kinda feel sorry for the people who try to make a career out of a YouTube video. No one cares after that video. They’ve moved on.

What do you think about YouTube videos as a basis for a career? Do you still follow the stars of your favorite videos? Are you wearing Obama girl earrings? How many “Charlie Bit My Finger” T-shirts do you own?