A large sculpture of a giant squid attacking a man on a boat may sit on Western’s campus someday.

The sculpture was created by Western students Tyler Will, Tyler Sant and Shay Woodhouse. They created it for the annual National Council of Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference in Seattle last month.

It was featured in the showcase from March 28-31 at Pier 65 on Seattle’s waterfront.

The piece is made from wood and clay, and has a 225 square foot (15x15) area and stands 4 feet tall, Will said. The masterpiece was created with the ocean in mind, since it would be showcased near water, he said. There was no theme guideline for the event, so the artists could produce whatever they wanted to.

The creation of the statue was completely extracurricular, Will said; the artists did it for fun. Although they haven’t had a chance to figure out the logistics, they hope to see it placed on Western’s campus someday soon, he said. Will said he thinks the sculpture would look good on grass, since it is designed to look like it is disappearing into the sea.

Will said none of the 29 sculptures in the Outdoor Sculpture Collection on Western’s campus were created by students, and he said he thinks it would be cool to have a student work of art displayed.

The NCECA hosts a conference each year in a different city. Next year’s conference will be in Houston Texas, Will said.