Kelly Sullivan/The AS Review

The Daft Punk v. Chromeo show at Wild Buffalo House of Music with BoomBox Kid and DJ Booger Jan. 21. Photo courtesy of Peter Fosmire.

The deep bass of techno music vibrates the dimly lit blue and red walls at Wild Buffalo House of Music. BoomBox Kid and DJ Booger stand onstage behind their turntables, orchestrating the sounds that inspire the host of eclectic dancers filling the venue. Around 11 p.m., the number of patrons is reaching maximum capacity. It’s Daft Punk vs. Chromeo night.

Wild Buffalo co-owner Craig Jewell said the “versus” parties, where disc jockeys pit music from one recording artist against music from another, have been  extremely popular since the venue started doing them. Wild Buffalo has put on about 10 of these shows since the first one last spring.

Jewell said the idea for the shows began when the Nectar Lounge, a club in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, held the first one, which was between Michael Jackson and Prince. Since Nectar and Wild Buffalo book many of the same bands and the show at Nectar was so successful, the owners decided to have a similar event at Wild Buffalo, he said.

Jewell has known the two DJs who put on the shows at Wild Buffalo – BoomBox Kid, also known as Cory Winget, and DJ Booger, also known as Alex McCulloch – ever since all three first met at the Up and Up Tavern years ago. After Nectar’s first versus show, the two DJs asked if they could try out a Daft Punk vs. Chromeo show at Wild Buffalo.

“We had the night here and it blew up,” Jewell said.

In turn, the owners of Nectar asked DJ Booger and Boombox Kid to play a Daft Punk vs. Chromeo show for them in Seattle. That show was the second best night Nector has seen in its history, Jewell said.

BoomBox Kid and DJ Booger start each show prepared to trade off after each plays three songs. However, it doesn’t usually play out that way, DJ Booger said.

“A lot of our excitement comes from playing at the same time,” said DJ Booger. Their collaboration on each mix results in an original version of a song during every performance, he said.

The pair also performs at Glow Nightclub, where they have experimented with shows featuring Madonna vs. David Bowie and Lady Gaga vs. Beyoncé. The latest show at Wild Buffalo, MJ vs. Chromeo, was an awesome combination of their previous shows, DJ Booger said.

The next Daft Punk vs. Chromeo show is on Friday, Mar. 11, and will most likely be the last versus show, Jewell said. This is due to the fact that BoomBox Kid and DJ Booger have formed a group called Wishbone, with a sound very similar to that of their Daft Punk vs. Chromeo performances, he said.

“Doing this is the most fun I’ve ever had DJing,” BoomBox Kid said. “It’s made me love DJing again, because there was a point where I didn’t like it, having to do Top 40. When you can play whatever you want, it’s amazing.”