Chelsea Asplund/The AS Review


During the day room 552 in the Viking Union is filled with students learning about a vast array of subjects, some scribbling down notes and others trying their best to stay awake.  But when Tuesday night rolls around, the space is transformed into a gamer’s paradise.

Appropriately named The Button Mashers, the club got started when student Derrick Troy went on the Viking Village Forum to find a gaming club on campus. While there was already a club for LAN parties, for groups of people who play computer games with each other on the same network, there was not one for broader range of basic gaming. It was that same desire for gaming that brought together current officers David Atchison and AJ Harmegnies to join Troy in establishing the club.

“Gamers have a negative connotation in today’s culture as a group of people that sit at home by themselves locked away in a basement somewhere playing video games. This is not true at all,” Troy said. “In my opinion we are a very social group of people, we just don’t always have a place where we can get together to hang out and enjoy our hobby with other people.”

They had their first meeting the first week of school, and since then their meeting attendance has steadily increased.

Given that most games are released on Tuesdays, the ideal situation is that the club will have the new games to try out every week, Troy said. Mini tournaments, game reviews, game nights and other events are also part of the club. While their regular meeting space is in the Viking Union, their larger tournaments are held in bigger lecture halls around campus.

Recently the club hosted a Rock Band III and Street Fighter Tournament on Tuesday Oct. 26, and had over 30 people attend, including the regional manager of Reset Games. The club hopes they can build some kind of relationship and sponsorship with the local business to make the club grow even larger, Troy said.

Future events planned include Super Smash Bros and Starcraft II tournaments, a Halo Reach game night, as well as a premiere night for Call of Duty Black Ops on Nov. 9.

The Button Mashers Club meets Tuesday nights at 5 p.m. in VU 552.


She loves it when you say her name. She’s bootylicious. She’s a survivor. She’s crazy in love. She’s Sasha Fierce. She’s Beyonce Knowles.

“We just like to appreciate the talent that is Beyoncé,” said Co-President Brittany Brown. “What’s not to appreciate?”

The Appreciate Beyoncé Club began last April, when Brown and her Co-President Charity Hestead arranged a group of friends to come together and watch Beyoncé movies and DVD specials for fun.

What initially started as a joke, Hestead said, grew into an actual club with members. They became official in May and revived it last month for the new school year.

Long-term plans for the club include a Beyoncé-themed talent show, Underground Coffeehouse acoustic covers and lyric reading, watching Beyoncé movies, karaoke nights, club t-shirts and if scheduling permits, traveling to a concert.

While the club does not meet regularly each week, Brown said they meet Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Communications room 105. They have been averaging 10 members, not including the life-size cut-out Beyoncé poster they bring each week.

Brown suggested joining the Facebook group to receive regular updates about meetings and events.

Four easy steps to forming your own AS club:

1) Fill out a club recognition packet, which you can find at
2) Have a minimum of five students ready to join.
3) Set up a meeting with the student activities adviser and the AS club coordinator.
4) Attend an Activities Council meeting to be recognized.