1. You drink out of a recycled jar regularly.

2. You don’t even notice the smell of marijuana anymore.

3. You’ve never been to a Western sporting event, but somehow miss the football team.

4. You bike or walk uphill every day... at 8 a.m.

5. You’re a vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian with a leather backpack, leather boots, leather wallet, watch and purse. But it’s organic, hormone-free leather, or some sort of imitation.

6. You  often opt to go shoeless.

7. Your hair doesn’t want to be in dreadlocks, and it’s trying to tell you.

8. Freshman laugh and turn you down when you ask for guest meals.

9. You sport the DubDubYou on Wednesdays.

10. Your favorite professor wears sandals all year round. 

11. You’ve read every bit of writing on the library’s bathroom stalls, but rarely check out books.

12. You have ever posted ANYTHING on the Western Washington Confessions page.

13. The whole outfit you are wearing is second-hand.

14. You think Central Washington University is the rival school, but you’re not really sure.

15. Your favorite sandals were ruined by that rogue brick in Red Square.