The WWU Associated Students Child Development Center (CDC) is a NAEYC accredited early childhood education program for student parents and working professionals of Western Washington University. Tuition for student parents is based on income and is subsidized by the Associated Students. The CDC serves 56 children ages 2-5 each quarter. The program manager and teaching staff provide a safe and healthy environment for young children, supporting the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of each child.

The CDC also supports students interested in careers in early childhood education by providing a place for service learning projects, classroom observations, practicum experiences and educational outreach activities. Parents benefit from quarterly parent trainings, special events for the entire family and parent advisory board participation. The CDC is not only child centered, but family centered as well, meeting the special needs of student parents.

Current Openings

We currently have openings in all classrooms for fall quarter 2016.  Find out about enrollment here.