Tuition is calculated quarterly and includes break weeks for non-students only.  Students can contract for break weeks at an extra charge of $5.00 per hour.    Contracts are binding for the full quarter.  Summer quarter tuition is calculated on a 6 or 9 week session. 

By registering for childcare you have incurred a debt to the University. Early withdrawal (before the end of a quarter) is considered a breach of contract and contracting parents are obligated to pay a percentage of their full quarter's tuition in accordance with Western's tuition refund policies (100% refund if withdrawing before the 6th day of the quarter less charges for hours used at the extra hours rate, 50% refund for withdrawing within 30 days after the quarter's start, no refund after 30 days).

Tuition for Siblings

Students and non-students will be charged 100% tuition for second and all additional children.


      Academic Quarter Fees (Fall, Winter & Spring only)
Non Student Rates
(includes break week)
     Full Time   Part Time  
                            (30-45 hrs per week)  (29 hours or less)
  Academic Quarter $2,710  




                                                    Student Rates
 (does not include break week*)
Quarterly Sliding Scale Fees
    Full Time   Part Time  
                            (30-45 hrs per week)  (29 hours or less)
  Academic Quarter        
  Lowest rate $1,620   $1,285  
  Middle rate $1,865  



  Highest rate $2,150   $1,670  
A.S. Child Development Center Summer Fees
  Non Student Rates
    Full Time   Part Time  
    (30-45 hrs per week)    (29 hours or less)
  Summer 6 week session $1,355   $1,015  
  Summer 9 week session $2,030   $1,542  
  Student Rates
  Summer Sliding Scale Fees
    Full Time   Part Time  
    (30-45 hrs per week)    (29 hours or less)
  Summer 6 week session      
   Low rate $880   $660  
   Middle rate $1,015   $762  
   High rate $1,150   $963  
  Summer 9 week session      
   Low rate $1,325   $995  
   Middle rate $1,525   $1,143  
   High rate $1,725  





Income from earnings, as well as grants, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are considered income when determining student fees.  Please see our Student Financial Worksheet to determine your rate.  Employees are not required to divulge income as they do not qualify for the sliding scale fee.


Persons joining the Center after the first week of operation will pay a pro-rated amount for the weeks they attend. Charges will be based on their actual weeks of attendance.


Charges in addition to the contracted amount include:

  • Hours used exceeding the part time or full time designation will be billed at: $5.00 per hour for students and $6.50 per hour for non-students. They must be arranged 24 hours in advance.
  •  Late Pick-Up: $15 is charged for picking children up after 5:30 p.m. The $15 late pick up charge will be charged for the first 10 minutes after 5:30 p.m. and $5.00 for every ten minutes thereafter.
  • Late Fee Payment: Past due unpaid accounts are subject to monthly $40 late fees and 1% interest charges.


Once you are accepted into our program, all parents must pay a yearly $75 registration fee. This fee is non-refundable. Please pay through our cashnet system at the following link:


You will receive a bill for your quarter's tuition after the end of the add/drop period and tuition will be due upon receipt. Tuition is paid through the university cashiers office or on the Web4U.  Faculty and staff parents may make monthly payments through the Student Accounts Office, but will incur a 1% fee on the remaining balance after 30 days.    All charges must be paid in full prior to the start of the next quarter for participation to continue.