The Associated Student’s Outdoor Center Challenge Program is a WWU-run program that is available to WWU students/alumni/staff as well as the general public. Examples of groups that can enjoy the course are teams, clubs, classes, university offices, faculty affinity groups, and even informal groups of friends. The purpose of the Challenge Program is to facilitate these groups through a series of activities that focus on topics such as: goal setting, leadership, effective communication, problem solving, trust, group roles, personal confidence, and other valuable skills while being immersed in a unique outdoor setting.  Programs are lead entirely by certified Challenge Program facilitators, who will be in contact with your group prior to your program date to define any specific group objectives or goals.


The Challenge Program’s high course is located at the Lakewood Watersports Facility on Whatcom Lake. This is where the majority of programming is held. On-campus field game focused programs may also be scheduled.


Please contact Lisa Osadchuk or Dave O'Brien at (360)650-7532 or email for more information or to book a program.