Real Food Commitment

Since 2010, Western Washington University (WWU) has been using the “Real Food Calculator” to assess the product sourcing of campus dining services, but WWU has not yet signed a commitment to progress. The Real Food Campus Commitment provides a simple, expert-approved, student-tested model for achieving food policy changes and evaluating progress, and was developed and tested by campus sustainability experts.

The Real Food Campus Commitment would require and assist Western Washington University to:


  • Annually increase procurement of ‘real food’–defined as local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and/or humane by the Real Food Calculator—so as to meet or exceed 30% of food purchases by 2020
  • establish a transparent reporting system, including the Real Food Calculator, to assess food procurement, and compile these assessment results in an annual progress report
  • Form a food systems working group (comprised of students, staff, faculty, food service managers, food service workers and relevant local stakeholders) responsible for developing and coordinating the implementation of an official real food policy and multi-year action plan for campus
  • Make the resulting real food policy and annual progress reports publicly available
  • Ensure that all contracts with distributors, food service providers and on-campus vendors will be amended in future requests for proposals or renewal processes to align with The University's new real food policy 


Should the associated student body urge Western Washington University to sign the Real Food Campus Commitment?


The Northwest region is an agricultural oasis. We pride ourselves on our environmental stewardship and as WWU is a major institution in Whatcom county we have a duty to set precedence for the rest of the country to become as sustainable as possible.  We have already made major strides in supporting the overall heath of our local economy and individual students by making more fair trade, local, humane, and ecologically sound purchases for our dining halls.  By having Western sign the Real Food Campus Commitment we would be the first campus in Washington to join a national movement.  We would also be allowing the student body at WWU to hold Aramark accountable to the promise they made when we allowed them into our community.


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