Welcome to the ESC!

 The Ethnic Student Center (ESC) is a student-run organization within the Association Students (AS) of Western Washington University and was established in 1991. Our goal is to help students Affirm their identity, Build a sense of community, and Cultivate leadership (Our "ABCs"). The ESC is also home to several diverse clubs open to students of all backgrounds. These clubs promote the values of the ESC and offer a “home away from home” for all students. Many students within the ESC have moved on to become leaders on campus and in the community. The Ethnic Student Center is located on the 4th floor (East) of the Viking Union and provides anything a student might need-- comfortable lounging space, TV with cable, plenty of desk space, computers, supplies, and a supportive staff. Students often come before, between, and after classes to have lunch, study, have meetings, or just relax and hang out. Come down and join us!

Registration is up for the ESC Conference:

Apply to be a part of our amazing event. only 150 students will be accepted to attend, get in your registration before October 3rd. wwu.edu/escconference

For more information, check out the facebook site event page

ESC Conference Poster

 ESC Steering Committee Funding Requests