Afro-Brazilian Festival

05.31.14 9:30am-6pm Free students, 5$ for community, 10$ for festival and dinner Carver Gym D

The Afro-Brazilian festival is a time of engaging in Capoeira, Samba and West African dance. The Afro-Brazilian Festival is a campus and community welcoming event that promotes cultural diversity by strengthening underrepresented cultural practices. It will provide lessons in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, the dance of samba and also West African dance. The festival is an opportunity for people to become emerged in a culture outside of their own and participate in a new experience. The Festival also ties WWU to the greater community as the event will be open to the public and invitations will be sent out to different community centers as well as schools like WCC and NW Indian College. I believe that the Afro-Brazilian Festival is a great social service to WWU students and faculty because everyone is welcome to engage in unique cultural practices first hand by singing, dancing and eating together. So much of the time academia examines cultural practices from a distance and students are not able to connect with the material because of the lens through which they view it. Students can gain a genuine appreciation for the richness of African and Afro-American cultures in a setting where they would unlikely be exposed to such events. Basically, having fun, moving and eating together builds community so these types of events are important to maintain.

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