Environmental Lobby Day

02.17.14 All day Free Olympia

It is with the utmost excitement to announce the Environmental and Sustainability Programs in the Associated Students is hosting an Environmental Lobby Day, scheduled for President’s Day February 17th 2014. Environmental Lobby Day will provide an opportunity for any and all students at WWU to become actively involved in environmental policy. The ESP will craft a guiding legislative agenda that will have information on bills, actions and other legislative information. Students will have the choice to take a personal stance on each informative issue presented in the legislative agenda. In Olympia, students will be meeting with several senators and representatives lobbying for or against environmental issues and policies. All students will be representing themselves as a constituent of a certain district. Transportation to and from Olympia will be provided. Before traveling to Olympia, the ESP will be holding a mandatory training for all students who register to take part in the Environmental Lobby Day on Thursday, February 13th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in Miller Hall: 152. Students can apply to attend Environmental Lobby day at: https://orgsync.com/22434/forms/93996

For more information, contact Nina Olivier at