FASA's 5th Annual Pilipino Culture Night

05.04.13 7pm $10 for students $15 for general. WWU PAC Concert Hall

FASA's 5th Annual Pilipino Culture Night: "Under One Sun" Tickets will be available at the WWU PAC Box Office. The Filipino-American Student Association is a strong advocate of diversity and multicultural outreach. The purpose of our annual Pilipino Culture Night is to give all those in the Western community an opportunity to learn about the Filipino-American culture through musical/lyrical performances ranging from traditional to modern acts. This year’s PCN will focus on diversity. Like the Philippines, a country diverse in food, language, and culture, WWU FASA is a club made up of members who come from various ethnic backgrounds. Although we have our differences, we are still one family, "Under One Sun." This year we are fortunate enough to welcome back, Jeremy “Passion” Manongdo, a Filipino singer/songwriter/producer born and raised in California, who will be the headliner for the event (he was one of two headliners at the very first PCN back in 2009). http://www.jeremypassion.com https://www.facebook.com/JeremyPassionMusic http://www.youtube.com/user/passionsf

For more information, contact Marie Serica at