The Forgotten

05.16.13 6-9pm TBA Academic West 204

The Forgotten is an event to address the often overlooked struggles of queer homeless youth. A documentary, "Downtowners," will share the perspectives of queer homeless youth as they experience street culture, inaccessible resources, community perceptions, sexual violence, and rampant oppression. There will be a discussion on the intersectionalities of oppression for queer homeless youth, particularly for queer youth of color, trans youth, and trans youth of color. Lack of community and insufficient resources will be addressed, and the speaker will talk about what we mean when we say we are allies to queer homeless youth, and how to interrupt targeting and have an action plan for your community will be discussed.There will also be an expressive art project, in an homage to expressive art's significance for queer homeless youth, where participants will paint a symbol/image about oppression or homelessness. The pieces will then be taped together to make a quilt.

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