The Helio Sequence Learning Team

11.23.13 7pm $11 for students, $15 for the public. PAC Concert Hall

The Helio Sequence (Official) and Learning Team are coming back to Western! Tickets will soon be available at the PAC. Paul Thompson of Pitchfork on The Helio Sequence's latest album, Negotiations: "Negotiations, like Keep Your Eyes Ahead before it, is just a big record, its towering choruses and wide-open spaces making for plenty of high drama. But it's a graceful, reserved sort of grandiosity: Negotiations' melodies are shapely, its tone autumnal, its playing confident and unshowy. With its elliptical song-structures and pristine production, Negotiations neatly sidesteps much of the excess (both sonic and emotional) associated with pop on this scale... Hints of psych and prog color the margins here, but by and large, Negotiatons takes the romantic sweep of 1980s arena-pop and plays it with the relative emotional reserve and compositional trickiness of turn-of-the-millenium Pacific Northwest indie." The Helio Sequence's website is awesomely designed, check it out: What's Up Magazine said Learning Team, "moves quickly, and efficiently, crafting gorgeous and (mostly) upbeat songs with a collective feel. It’s as if these songs were written to be an open invitation, a sing along and choral experience for band and audience alike. And it is very appealing."

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