Labyrinth - Call for Submissions

10.23.13 - 10.31.13, 11.01.13 - 11.30.13, 12.01.13 - 12.31.13, 01.01.14 - 01.10.14 TBA Free VU 514

This year’s theme is titled “Communities (Un)bound,” an exploration of privilege and oppression when accessing, being denied, and moving through multiple communities. The Labyrinth Literary Journal has a rich history in publishing works on topics of marginalized identities since the 1970’s. This year we are encouraging students and community members to take a look at the communities they subscribe to and where they feel they cannot. A community can be defined through identities like ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, sex, and many others. A community can also revolve around hobbies and interests like sports, clubs, activism, political groups, and simply where we live. A community at large cannot represent the experiences of an individual; this is where we want to hear from you. Where has access been difficult? Where do you feel connected the strongest with your communities? What defines your belonging to a group? Accepted Writing: nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and anything in between Accepted Art: any physical, digital, or multimedia pieces The submission period is open now through January 10th at 11:45PM. For the submission form, head to and login to Orgsync through the Western Washington University community. Accepted pieces will be featured in our printed version of the Labyrinth Literary Journal as well as displayed in the Viking Union art gallery for the opening show. People who submitted written pieces and are accepted have the opportunity to perform at the showcase if desired. Volunteer Reading Opportunities are available!

For more information, contact Logan Brouelette at