Renting Clinics

02.19.14, 02.26.14, 02.27.14, 03.06.14 Varies Free Multiple Locations

"The Renter’s Rights Clinic is a program created by the WWU AS Legal Information Center and presented by the LIC Coordinator. It will cover the topics listed below in an informative and engaging hour-long event that will take place in numerous dorms on campus: 1. Venues through which to look for a house 2. Questions to ask when touring a house 3. Landlord/Rental red flags 4. What’s legal in a lease? 5. Deposits and what they mean 6. What are my rights/responsibilities while living in the house? 7. What should I do if there’s a health or safety issue in my home?" Dates for Renting Clinics: Feb. 19th 6-7pm on the Ridge Feb. 26th 7-8pm in Edens/Higginson Feb. 27th 6-7pm in Buchanan Towers Mar. 6th 7-8pm in Mathes Hall

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