05.06.13 - 05.10.13, 05.13.13 - 05.17.13, 05.01.13 - 05.03.13 11am-5pm Free VU Gallery

We're still working out the details, but the exhibit will be showcasing Western's existing (and fairly unknown) collection of historically significant chairs. We may or may not be switching out the chairs in the middle of the 3 weeks to allow for more chairs to be viewed (the gallery can't hold them all at once). This exhibit corresponds to a History of Design class in the industrial design department, a mostly-freshmen 101 class that involves each student reporting on one of the chairs. This chair collection, as I'm told, has a select sort of "cult following" since very few people know much about it, but those who do are really passionate about it. I'm really excited to showcase the chairs since the student who approached me about it has been trying to make this happen for a few years now.

For more information, contact Hannah Fenske at 360-650-6534 or