Western Action Coalition No Coal Terminal Campaign Launch Party with VIP Speaker Mayor Dan Pike

10.05.11 6:00p-7:30p Free VU 552

What does Bellingham have that the corporations want? The answer...our beautiful bay, the gateway to the Pacific, which gives us so much recreationally, economically, and emotionally but to corporations is just an unspoiled highway to spread dirty fuel to less-regulated global markets. SSA Marine and Peabody Coal want to bring 48 million tons of coal through Bellingham every year (10 minutes out of every hour) to ship to China! There are so many huge environmental and health related problems with this proposal, it would ruin Bellingham's natural charm and economic viability for years to come, but the fight isn't over yet-- we can fight the corporations and stand up for environmental justice and a green energy economy! Here at WWU, we have the unique opportunity to have a huge impact on the front lines of the fight. Join the Western Action Coalition at our Campaign Launch Party this Wednesday, Oct 5, 6-7:30 pm in VU 552. We'll have delicious food prepared by the Student Food Co-op, we'll be hearing from VIP SPEAKER Mayor Dan Pike, and we'll be setting up our organization to keep the terminal out of our bay! Currently our main strategies include getting Western's president to have Western take a stance against the terminal (we've already collected 423 student signatures in 2 days!) and focusing on the fast-approaching elections of the city council, which will make the final decision on whether the terminal moves forward. This campaign is also really exciting because it's part of a larger effort lead by the Sierra Student Coaliton's Beyond Coal campaign to make it impossible to export coal from anywhere in WA or OR! Imagine 18, mile and a half long coal trains coming through Spokane, Tri-cities, Tacoma, Seattle, and Bellingham everyday. Imagine that these coal cars are uncovered, with about 3% of the cancer- and illness-causing coal ash blowing off into our community every trip. Imagine that we had the opportunity to stop it and didn't do everything in our power. We students will be leading this fight-- let's win!

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