Student Government

AS President

Carly Roberts

Hello, my name is Carly Roberts.  I am extremely honored and excited to serve as your Associated Students president this year.  I am in my fourth year working for the Associated Students; my previous positions were Productions Assistant, Underground Coffeehouse Coordinator, and Vice President for Activities.  My entire existence here at Western has been all about providing excellent service for my peers! 

                I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Ancient Greek Language and Economics.

                In my spare time, I enjoy playing and writing music. 

                I hope that you will come by my office sometime, I can be found in VU 504D.

VU 504D // 360-650-3265 //

ASVP for Academic Affairs

Josie Ellison

Hi, I’m Josie Ellison, I am currently a sophomore working on an English and Political Science double major. I wanted to run for this position because I was interested in representing the student body and by doing that make it easier for other students to have a fulfilling Western experience. During my time on the board of directors this year I’ll be working on General University Requirement reform, as well as access to academic advising, especially for students who haven’t declared yet. I would love to talk to you about any questions, concerns, or ideas you have! On a moderately more personal note, my favorite color is lavender and if I could be any animal I would probably be a cat.

VU 504E // 360-650-2941 //

ASVP for Activities

Jarred Tyson

Senior majoring in Business Administration, with a minor in Communication Studies.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jarred Tyson, your AS Vice President for Activities. The reason I ran for this position was driven by this question “How do I make the student experience the best it can possibly be, while I myself am I student”. This year I plan on advocating for the idea of campus community, where people can find their own community within Western Washington University while feeling a connection to and being a part of the whole. We are all going through the “college experience” together, I want to help make it memorable.

I am currently a senior studying Business Administration and Communication Studies. I love online PC gaming, technology, going to music festivals such as Sasquatch & Bumbershoot, and discussing philosophical & world views & perspectives. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the Professional Business co-ed Fraternity, and Western’s Meditation Club. Let's chat sometime.

High fives and good vibes.

VU 504B // 360-650-3463 //

ASVP for Business and Operations

Morgan Burke

Greetings! My name is Morgan Burke and I am senior studying International Business and triple minoring in German, Economics, and Energy Policy. Originally, I wanted to run for this position to make the organization more efficient and transparent with their business practices. Currently, I have found that I have the ability to do so much more than my original goals. We all have the ability to impact our Western experience and be a part of the something bigger than ourselves. So I encourage you to also challenge yourselves and make change happen.

 So far with collaborative efforts, I have consolidated the budgeting process, edited several out of date policies, and assisted in the organizations day-to-day operations. I look forward to making more improvements to how the organizations meets the needs of students.

 Some other random notes about myself: I am an avid skier and outdoor enthusiast when I have the time. I grew up in Redmond, Washington and attended Redmond High School until my graduation in 2010. My dog is a yellow lab named Tucker and loves to lay in puddles. And one more thing, I have a bright pink satchel, so if you see me on campus, say hello!

 I look forward to finishing this year strong and providing a voice for you to reach your goals and aspirations!

VU 504E // 360-650-2941 //

ASVP for Diversity

Mayra Guizar

I’m a junior studying Business Management and I will be starting a minor in Law, Diversity, and Justice this year. I was raised in Sunnyside, Washington and I am the oldest of 3. I came to Western as a first generation student with the help of the Yakima Valley’s Upward Bound program. I know that without their assistance, I probably wouldn’t be at Western today! I’m passionate about helping others and contributing to my community in any way that I can. I love this university and the people I have met because of it. I ‘m excited to work hard this year alongside the rest of the Board members, and thank you all for electing me to be your Vice President for Diversity. Feel free to stop by my office to chat or say hey!

VU 504B // 360-650-3463 //

ASVP for Governmental Affairs

Kaylee Galloway

Major: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics 

Minors: 1) Energy Policy 2) Law, Diversity and Justice 

Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Snoqualmie 

High School and year of graduation: Mount Si High School 2011, Bellevue College 2011

My name is Kaylee Galloway and I serve as your AS VP for Governmental Affairs. I love politics, public policy, government, lobbying, and organizing, but that's probably not surprising. I love talking with students and want to ensure that all students are being fully represented at all levels of government. I have approached this year with many goals, some of which include increasing our local legislative presence and power, increasing our state lobbying efforts, and diversifying the legislative issues that we advocate for. I am excited to work closely with students on campus as well as students across the state and across the nation to give WWU a strong presence and influence in the greater student movement. I look forward to serving you and helping you advocate for the issues that you are most passionate about.

VU 504C // 360-650-3736 //

ASVP for Student Life

Robby Eckroth

Major: Urban Planning and Sustainable Development

Year: Senior

Hometown: Port Orchard, WA

South Kitsap High School 2010

Intro: Hello everyone! My name is Robby Eckroth, your AS Vice President for Student Life. This year I want to help students get engaged in campus sustainability and I want to assure that the Alternative Transportation Fee is best serving students. This year I would like to focus on expanding the Late Night Shuttle routes to South Campus, making the Green Energy Fee more accessible to all students, and aid the implementation of the Water Bottle Free Policy, the Real Food Challenge, and the divestment of fossil fuels.

VU 504C // 360-650-3736 //

AS Elections Coordinator

Nicholas Doherty

VU 435 // 360-650-4267 //

AS Board Assistant for Representation Committees

Amy Kleitsch

VU 504 // 360-650-3281 //

AS Board Assistant for Internal Committees

Max Zentner

VU 504 // 360-650-3281 //

AS Board Assistant for Club Committees

Sheridel De Vera

VU 504 // 360-650-3281 //

AS Legislative Liaison

Matthew Bobbink

VU 435 // 360-650-4267 //

Student Trustee

VU 504 // 360-650-3460 //

AS Assessment Coordinator

Kacy Cunningham

VU 520 // 360-650-6445 //