Student Government

What is Western Votes? 


We are the volunteer student organization that works to ensure that other students on Western’s campus are registered to vote, knowledgeable about elections, voting, and then active in politics. Western Votes hosts the on campus voter registration drive each year. Western Votes also helps with planning, organizing, and participating in trips to Olympia and on-campus political rallies.

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President- Katie Barnard-

Statewide Representative- Kaylee Galloway

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator- Michael Lantz

Media and Social Coordinator- Lily Jaquith

Events and Campaigns Coordinator- Fiona Yau-Luu/ Eileen Pollet

Clubs Liaison- Andrew Taylor

RHA and Hall Council Liaison- Bill Campbell


Who is Western Votes?

Students in Western Votes are from all walks of life, majors, and political backgrounds. Western Votes is non-partisan and interested in civic engagement and citizenship more than advocating for specific policies. If you are a student at Western and want to be political engaged or want to see others politically engaged we encourage you to join Western Votes.

How can I join Western Votes?

If you want to join Western Votes you can join our facebook group and send us a message.

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