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7 a.m. Democracy Now
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8 a.m. Through the Screen-Soundtracks Highway 61: Blues from Delta to Muddy to Electric The Cattle Ranch: Americana, Folk, Bluegrass Reggaelution Jazz 89.3 The Get Up Get Down: Soul & Funk Na Mele O Hawaii: Hawaiian Centric
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10 a.m. Paradise & Lunch- Roots & Blues Music for the Masses: New Variety Music Mix Kickin' Times Table: Math Rock
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1 p.m. Music for the Masses: Variety New Music Mix Music for the Masses: Variety New Music Mix
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4 p.m. Youth Rebellion-Reggae Ska Dub and Dancehall Music for the Masses: Variety New Music Mix
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6 p.m. Free Speech Radio News Latino USA Informativo Pacifica: Spanish Language News from Pacifica This Way Out Alternative Radio
6:30 p.m. Counterspin Sprouts: Radio from the Grassroots Making Contact
7 p.m. Digital Left Field-Experimental Electronic Democracy Now The Big Gloom
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8 p.m. Sound of Silence: Roots Music, folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz Hip Hop Magnificence Mantra Hour: Chill Upbeat Electronic Based Heartbreak Express-Singer Songwriters with Folk & Country Influences Raw Power: Punk
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