About KVIK & FAQ

KVIK is an Associated Students program providing students first-hand experience with the various aspects of film and video production.

- Mission Statement -

The purpose of KVIK is to facilitate and create original films and productions to showcase the work of WWU students. KVIK seeks to provide first-hand experience for those interested in the fields of primarily film and video production, as well as offering opportunities to gain experience in television broadcasting. KVIK productions represent students’ original work and serve the Associated Students and the broader Bellingham community and beyond by providing interesting, entertaining, and informative media.

"How Can I Get Involved?"

We have many opportunities available and encourage all Western students to become a part of the team. You must be a Western student to be involved in KVIK, as it is part of the Associated Students. Anyone is welcome to drop by the KVIK Office during office hours for more information, room VU 423, or call the KVIK Coordinator at 360-650-2343.

"I Have a Great Idea for a Show, What Should I Do?"

We are always eager to experiment with new ideas, and encourage you to fill out a Show Submission Form and contact us if you have something in mind.

"How Do I Access KVIK?"

KVIK programming can be accessed on the web and will be coming to closed circuit campus channel 16 soon, accessible in WWU’s dorms. For more information, check out our Where to Watch section. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest KVIK news.

"What Equipment Does KVIK Have?"

Members are granted access to all of our equipment for official program use, which includes:

  • Canon 5d Mk IIIs (High-Definition)
  • 5 Tripods
    • - 4 Manfrotto with fluid-head motion, used for our slider and camera crane
    • - 1 Bescor, better suited to still photography
  • 3 Wired telescoping boom pole (up to 5.9')
  • 3 Sennheiser shotgun microphones
  • 2 wireless handheld microphones
    • - 1 Sennheiser with XLR input with XLR/1/8" attachment
    • - 1 Azden with 1/8" input
  • 1 VTV microphone flag
  • 2 Camera dollies with 40' of PVC rails
  • 1 Cinevate 5' Slider (Fluid-Head Mountable)
  • 3 Coleman LED Lanterns with 4 removable lights
  • 1 - 8' camera crane (tripod-mounted)
  • 1 ARRI light kit with 2 LED Lights
  • 1 Lowell light kit with 2 V-lights
  • 1 JVC HR-DVS3U Mini-DV/VHS tape deck
  • 1 Editing suite outfitted with Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 5 (Located in VU 423)

KVIK volunteers may also check out equipment for free from ATUS Classroom Services, and edit on computers in AIC West 308 (Final Cut Studio) or in the Student Technology Center in Wilson Library, details can be found here.

"How Was KVIK Formed?"

KVIK began when Phil Shuyler and David Lohnes created the Western Television Broadcasting Club (WTBC) in February 2002. By June of 2003, the WTBC was granted Associated Students program status along with the new title of KVIK.

Note: Our programming is restricted by the rules and regulations stated in KVIK's Code of Conduct, as well as the Associated Student, Western Washington University and The Federal Communications Committee Policies and Procedures.