KVIK is looking for interns for the 2016-2017 school year! We commonly offer internships through the communications or marketing departments, but it is possible to have an internship through another department if it contributes to the understanding of your discipline. The current positions we will be looking for are:

Marketing & Publicity Coordinator:

Help promote KVIK through the use of merchandise, posters, banners, and other more creative forms of publicity to get people to know about KVIK. A creative idea for advertisement is a definite plus. There is little video work involved in this job. More details can be found here or by contacting Wendy Wilhelm at

On-Set Photographer:

KVIK's productions and film sets are always trying to document their projects and who doesn't like behind-the-scenes content? Become a KVIK Photographer; work on a film set and get tons of practice and portfolio content... all without having to set everything up yourself! Sports photography experience recommended, but not required. A portfolio of past work will be required during the interview process. More information can be found at the AS Personnel website here.


Want to produce your own TV show? Want to get credit for doing it to? A producer is in charge of getting together a crew to shoot with, organizing meetings, and putting out solid television content. If you have a show idea, come down to our office (Viking Union 423) to discuss.

Other opportunities:

If you want to do something that you think could be both a good learning experience for yourself and useful for KVIK, do not hesitate to come on down and discuss it with us. We are open to all sorts of ideas for internships, and can probably arrange pretty much anything you want with your department.