Executive Producers

KVIK shows are completely run by student volunteers. Say hello to the 2016-17 Executive Producers.



Cole Wilder - Executive Producer 

For most of my life, I’ve been really bad at writing about myself, but I’ve also really liked music and making videos, and that’s more important right now so disregard that first part. When Peter (bless his precious little soul) asked me if I would be the EP of The Mix, I looked him dead in the eyes (however you do that over Facebook chat) and said “Peter… That’s a mistake of massive proportions… Think of the children, please” and yet here I am writing this (it’s not too late to change your mind, Peter). Anyway, I’m actually really excited to be doing this! I’ve been a part of KVIK since my freshman year and I’ve been an active member in Bellingham’s music scene for just as long, so bringing those things together is awesome. I’m also majoring in English and minoring in film studies, so if you want to talk books (especially theory), movies, and/or music, hit me up.


Peter Biethan - Assistant Executive Producer 

Hello.  You'll probably see me around this page.  I like to help film things.  


**The Mix is currently looking for volunteers to help lead and facilitate shootings.  To inquire further details, contact either coordinator of KVIK through email or facebook.**  as.kvik@wwu.edu



SHOW! The Show


Ellie Boroughs - Executive Producer

Ellie is a sophomore at WWU majoring in English and creative writing.  She likes Minions.  A lot.  Like, actually, it's a little odd how infatuated she is with minions and minion paraphenalia.  Aside from that, she also makes funny sketches and knows a lot about comedy.  

Also, look up Harmon Circles.  Very informative, and a fascinating take on the Hero's Journey.  


KVIK Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator


Peter Biethan - KVIK Coordinator

 Hello Again.  Yes, I'm back.  I like to do a lot of stuff.  In conjunction with STS, I like to help put on the general Shows for KVIK.  I'd love to hear your ideas for new things for KVIK to try. The beauty of KVIK comes from its flexibility.  If you have an idea for a program, even an inkling of a drop of an idea, feel free to approach me or Sean to talk about it.  I'd love to see people involve themselves with KVIK in whatever way.  



 Sean Mittelstaedt- KVIK Assistant Coordinator

I love movies, making them, watching them, discussing them, throwing them, chewing on them, sitting on them. I want to make your movie happen, come talk to me and I will (aslongasitfollowsfccguidlinesandisdirtcheap)...