Executive Producers

KVIK shows are completely run by student volunteers; both an Executive and Assistant Executive Producer per show. Scroll down for bios from the 2013-2014 roster!


Fourth Wall Films




Tommy Heffernan - Co-Executive Producer

Tommy Heffernan

Tommy Heffernan is the Assistant Executive Producer of You Would! and has been dabbling in all aspects of making videos since high school. He aims to involve himself in KVIK through writing, directing, producing, editing, and reluctantly, acting, whenever the situation calls for it. He hopes to remain an active filmmaker after school, whether that'll entail anything from moving to LA or to just making movies with friends whenever he can. Tommy will also admit he knows the Double Dream Hands dance and is tagged in several embarrassing Facebook photos decked out in drag.



Neal Dickinson - Executive Producer


Penelope Kipps -  Executive Producer 


SHOW! The Show


Summer Storholt - Co-Executive Producer


Peter - Co-Executive Producer



KVIK Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator


Brian Glinski - KVIK Coordinator




Conor O'Keefe - KVIK Assistant Coordinator