KVIK Shows

KVIK has a variety of programming in production coming your way. If you are interested in helping out on any of these, let us know. Click on the show names to watch previous work!

Fourth Wall Films Logo- Fourth Wall Films -

A filmmaker collaborative that gathers weekly to brainstorm, learn about and create film projects. Have an idea for a short film? Pitch it here and make it a reality! All experience levels are welcome! Meetings are held in Miller Hall 239 every Thursday at 6 PM! Contact the Executive Producers, Tommy Heffernan and Travis Salmi, at FWFWWU@gmail.com for more information.

Void-Walker Logo



VTV Logo

- VTV -

Viking Television, better known as VTV, is Western’s premiere "entertaining" entertainment news show. VTV is made by students for students. The volunteer-run production encompasses everything from interesting campus activities and events to local Bellingham happenings. We are always looking for new segment ideas and are open to suggestions. Meetings are held in Bond Hall 108 every Wednesday at 6 PM! Contact the Executive Producers, Becca Freimuth and Ian Seymour Hansel, at vtv.kvik@gmail.com to get involved.

You Would! Logo- SHOW! The Show -

SHOW! The Show is KVIK's own sketch comedy show. SHOW! The Show features live and pre-recorded sketch comedy, guest performances, and live stand-up. Episodes are released twice a year and taped live! Being a part of SHOW! The Show's studio audience is definitely an experience you wouldn't want to miss! Production meetings are held in Viking Union 462A every Monday at 5 PM, with Writers' meetings directly after. Contact the Executive Producers, Anna Snedden and Joe Lambright, at youwouldtv@gmail.com to get involved.


                      -The Mix- 

The Mix is KVIK's connecton to the local music scene. Speicalizing in recordings fo local bands in venues across the community as well as touring bands that come to WWU. The show offers live, fast paced recording expereince where the crew is required to think on their feet in a real time expereince. For viwers, The Mix provides an up close and personal look at the bands and musicians performing. To get involved contact the Executive producers Tristan Olsen and Penelope Kipps at The Mix: KVIK Music Show on facbook


Past Shows

- Void-Walker -

Void Walker is a collaborative science fiction/horror/fantasy production in the vein of the Twilight Zone. We have two shows a year, each containing two short sci-fi/horror vignettes bookended by a chilling continuing story. There are opportunities aplenty for aspiring filmmakers, writers, actors, and other creative types to let their imaginations run wild and produce something truly unique. Meetings are in Miller Hall 113 every Thursday at 6 PM. If you want more information, or have a creative idea to pitch, e-mail the Executive Producers, Ian Coleman and Ian Hansel at voidwalkerWWU@gmail.com.

Lord Of Zombie City- Lord Of Zombie City -

Zombie City is a place like no other. It harbors a dark underworld full of shady criminals of an unlikely type: Zombies. A private dick by the name of Nerf Marchino is not so sure that these brain-dead creatures are as harmless as most think. In an epic story of love and deceit, Nerf will join up with a mysterious Elf from a parallel world hidden among the forest on Sehome Hill. Together they will evade hordes of killer zombies and battle the Lord of Zombie City. Directed by Gabe Conroy. The full film can be seen here.

- The WWUsical -

High School Musical meets Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal. Trey is accepted to Western’s football team. However, the story follows his emo girlfriend Kira who deals with the loss of her friend while Trey manipulates her emotions and uses her for his musical theatre exploits. Literally friends with Death, Kira contemplates suicide while the ruthless theatre sibling-duo Sharpie and Ron try to murder her. Directed by Gabe Conroy.

Electric Shadow Shorts Logo- Electric Shadow Shorts -

Electric Shadow Shorts provided a place for anyone interested in filmmaking to bring their ideas to the table and collaborate with other filmmakers to make a product that they could be proud of in the end.

Founded by Nick Nielsen in the Fall of 2010, the group went on to gather over 30 members and independently produced five different productions. In the spring of 2011 Nick graduated and took the Electric Shadow name with him to pursue other creative ventures.