Where to Watch

An important distinction to make is that KVIK is not a television station. We are an AS Program dedicated to the filmmaking process and craft of video production. This programming is then put on the internet for everyone to see at the following locations:

Watching online

You can find the majority of our content on KVIK's vimeo page:

  • www.vimeo.com/kvikwwu

You can watch many of our videos here, as well as at Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

Why can't all of KVIK's programming be put online?

KVIK through the AS has a license with the music industry that allows us to use copyrighted, recorded music as long as it is played on-campus (including on the on-campus closed-circuit channels). Because some of our programming uses copyrighted music, we are not allowed to show it on the internet.