The Publicity Center

The AS Publicity Center is a full-service advertising facility. We provide graphic design, digital display design, poster and banner distribution, large-format printing, photography for AS offices, and coordination with on and off campus outlets for promoting your office or event. We also produce the weekly AS Review on Mondays Fall through Spring quarters.


Account Executives

Alea Carr - Account Executive 1

Ajané Burnley - Account Executive 2

Luke Broucek - Account Executive 3

Design Staff

Riley McGaff - Lead Graphic Designer

Izaac Post - Graphics Production Coordinator

Amelia Barlow -Graphic Designer

Keghouhi Bedoyan -Graphic Designer

Kristina Huynh -Graphic Designer

Jesi Maakad -Graphic Designer

Justin VanNatta -Graphic Designer

Mark Hyder -Graphic Designer

Zach Becker -Graphic Designer

Distribution Staff

Sarah Carlson - Distribution Coordinator

Danny Billick - Distributor

Caitlin Boone - Distributor

Kramer Janders - Distributor

AS Review Staff

Cade Schmidt - AS Review Editor in Chief

Kylie Wade - AS Review Assistant Editor

Isaac Martin - AS Photographer

Andrew Wise - Writer

C Hayley Halstead - Writer

Dominic D'Angelo - Writer

Kelly Mason - Copy Editor

Trevor Grimm - Photographer



Recent Work