How to advertise your event

This publicity guide is here to help your plan the advertising for your event. We understand that this event is very important to you—you've put a lot of time and effort into planning. Because your event is so important, you want to make sure that everyone who might want to come hears about it. This guide is here to help you do that.

First of all, start with a plan. Make a timeline of everything you need to do. There is a good example of a timeline at the bottom of this page.

Decide who your audience is for this event. Who is this event open to? Is it just for Western students, is it open to all of Bellingham?

Examine the resources around you. What's your budget? Who do you know who could help?

Finally, seek out advice. The staff at the Publicity Center are always happy to help you. If you're from an AS office or club, also talk to the AS Communications Office.

The Basics

Include these in every promotional piece.

  • Your event name.
  • Where your event will take place.
  • The day, date and time of your event.
  • The cost of admission or requested donation, if any.
  • Any applicable sponsorship and logos.
  • *The AS logo must appear on all AS clubs' and organizations' promotional materials at a diameter of no less than 3/4 inch. The recycle logo must be on all paper promotional materials at any size (this AS rule is intended to be a subtle reminder to recycle, not to imply sponsorship).

  • Contact info, such as phone/webpage/email.
  • A statement regarding disability accommodation is required on all promotional material advertising an event at Western. The statement should read "For disability accommodations, please call xxx-xxxx". The phone number should be someone who is readily available to coordinate any disability accommodations that might be necessary. If you find you need accommodations at your event, contact your AS advisor.

  • All Western departments including AS offices and clubs must include one of the following statements on all posters, handbills, flyers, etc. Either AA/EO or Western is an equal opportunity institution.  



  • Ten weeks out: Finalize name of event, time, date, place, price, description, and budget. Reserve a room. Tell your friends.
  • Eight weeks out: Submit an expenditure request (AS). Make table tent (Dining Services), and/or banner reservations (VU Reservations).
  • Six weeks out: Fill out Publicity Request and designate a PC contact (or two).
  • Five weeks out: Follow up with the PC, meet with your designer, begin design discussion.
  • Four weeks out: Continue communication with PC. Make sure all your information is accurate and up to date. 
  • Three weeks out: Request Press release and PSA's sent out by AS Communications and Marketing. Make Facebook event and invite all your friends.
  • Two weeks out: Posters are distributed by PC. Tickets go on sale. If you're running a contest, it should start now.
  • One week out: Push the Facebook event and all social media. That contest you're running, should end about now. Handbill distribution should happen about now.
  • Your event! Various flamboyant advertising tactics could happen today.