Are hot coffee cups recyclable?
No. But they are compostable in the Food Plus containers in the campus cafés.
How about hot coffee lids?
Yes, in the plastic receptacles.
Are cold coffee cups recyclable?
Yes. Unless they are corn-based, in which case they are compostable.
Are pizza boxes recyclable?
Yes, but they must be empty! Please remove all pizza and trash before recycling.
What types of plastic can I recycle?
All numbers and colors of plastic containers are recyclable in the barrels labeled “plastic containers”.
Are Q-tips recyclable?
Where can I recycle batteries?
At the AS Bookstore or your residence hall front desk.
What do I do with old electronics?
Place in Recovery Drive barrels near your residence hall’s recycling depot at the end of each quarter or contact local disposal companies like Safe & Easy Recycling.
Are plastic bags recyclable on campus?
No, they are NOT RECYCLABLE in the blue barrels. Look for the bag recycling containers at grocery stores, instead of sending them to landfills.