Please recycle the following materials:

Plastic Containers

Recycling barrels full of plastic bottles

Remove lids and rinse, then flatten or twist if possible. Plastic caps are recyclable along with the bottles/contatiners once they are removed.

  • all colors and numbers of bottles
  • cold beverage cups & lids
  • hot beverage lids
  • jugs, cups, jars, tubs
  • pails and buckets
  • dairy, deli food, sauce/condiment & cooking oil containers without clamshell hinges
  • soap, detergent, & household cleaner containers
  • snack food & frozen food containers
  • hair/body care bottles and containers

Mixed Paper

Recycling barrels full of mixed paper

Place all paper in the Mixed Paper barrel.

  • notebook paper
  • spiral notebooks (Metal spirals can be recycled, but plastic ones need to be removed.)
  • computer paper
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • phone books
  • text books
  • envelopes
  • post-it notes
  • paperboard


Cardboard bins are for cardboard only

  • FLATTENED cardboard
  • empty pizza boxes

Aluminum & Tin

Recycling barrels full of aluminum cans

Labels are okay. Rinse and flatten if possible.

  • aluminum cans (please crush!)
  • aluminum foil
  • tin cans


Recycling barrels full of glass bottles

Remove lids and rinse.

  • green glass
  • brown glass
  • clear glass


Recycling barrels full of trash

The following items are NOT recyclable:

  • milk & juice cartons
  • paper coffee cups (these are compostable, though!)
  • hinged/clamshell containers
  • large molded Styrofoam
  • the following plastic products:
    • overhead transparencies
    • plastic caps
    • sticker backing
    • rings
    • pumps
    • hinged/clamshell containers
    • Recycling barrels full of trashbags
    • wrap
    • tableware/utensils
    • pipe
    • toys
  • insulation or plastic containers that held potentially hazardous products such as:
    • motor oil
    • antifreeze
    • solvents
    • pesticides, etc
  • plate glass (such as mirrors or dishes)