The SAC works to actively promote knowledge on the campus community that allows people to make safe and informed choices about sexual attitudes and behaviors. Located in VU 518, the Sexual Awareness Center is part of the 7 offices within the Associated Students Resource and Outreach Programs. We're an open-minded, safer-space available for anyone to come and talk, learn, share, read, play, grow, and connect. We also have a resource library with lots of books regarding sexuality, sexual health, sexual pleasure, relationships, GLBTQ issues, sexual techniques, etc.


We have lots FREE safer sex supplies including:

Regular or Color, Ribbed, Snug or XL condoms
Non-Latex Condoms
Receptive Partner Condoms
Flavored Dams for oral sex
Compact Lubricant
Nitrile or Latex safer sex gloves


2014-2015 Sexual Awareness Center Staff


Coordinator - Allie Moore

Email for: Event ideas, co-sponsorship opportunities, resources and referrals, volunteer opportunities, SAC programs support, event accomadations, and safer sex materials requests.


Assistant Coordinator - Rachel Jacobsen

Email for: Event ideas, general office information, resources and referrals, SAC library materials, SAC event history, and volunteer opportunities.


Our Mission:

The AS Sexual Awareness Center (SAC) is a non-judgmental, positive resource for students seeking information about sexuality and related topics. The SAC works to actively promote knowledge in the campus community that empowers students to make safe and informed choices about sexuality and sexual health by providing a safe space for all students. We offer free, inclusive safer sex supplies, confidential resource and referral services, educational and social programming, and peer education.