2013-2014 Academic Year the Student Senate is on hiatus for possible reform.

The WWU AS Student Senate is a part of the Student Government and seeks to increase and encourage student participation in the decision making process of the AS Board of Directors. The Student Senate is composed of a diverse selection of Senators who represent all WWU students. We address a wide range of topics that impact many students throughout the University.

The Senate's ultimate goal is to make sure that student concerns are considered in the decision making process at WWU. We encourage you to contact us about any concerns or suggestions that you would like to see addressed at Western Washington University, Contact your Senators!

Do you use the Rec Center, have an AS Club, use the tutorial center, or pay tuition? If so, the Senate represents you! These are only some of the topics that the Student Senate addresses.

The Student Senate meets weekly in Viking Union 567. Guests are always welcome!

Any student at WWU is eligible to serve on the Student Senate. There are 14 seats on the Student Senate, please visit the Student Senators page to see if there are vacancies. You can apply to be on the senate using the AS & University Committee Application Form.