Rates vary depending on the length of the program and number of participants. We work very hard to make the experience affordable for all who wish to participate. There is a per-person fee for use of the Lakewood Challenge Program which includes individual medical insurance coverage.


The current rates are $10 per participant for university-affiliated groups, $15 per participant for non-university and non-profiting groups, and $30 per participant for profiting groups.


In addition to this per-person fee, there is a $15 per hour fee for each Challenge Program facilitator needed. This will begin at 2 facilitators for up to 20 people, 3 facilitators for up to 30 people, and so on.


Below is an example of a program budget for a 4-hour program with 15 university-affiliated participants:

$10 per person x 15 = $150.00

$15/hr x 4 hours x 2 facilitators = $120.00

Total program cost = $270.00


Please contact Erin Harris at for more information or to book a program.