About the Associated Students

An organization designed and run by Western students, the Associated Students (AS) seeks to ensure a fulfilling college and academic experience for all university students through the many services, facilities and programs it offers. Whether interested in testing your skills as a DJ for campus radio station KUGS, craving a weekend in the mountains on an Outdoor Center excursion, or just curious about getting involved in student government or one of our two hundred clubs, the AS has the resources to assist you. By providing Western students with enjoyable networking and leadership opportunities, the AS attempts to help students define themselves, find allies in the community and engage in their university surroundings.


AS Governance

Acting as the student voice in university administration, AS governance consists of a student board of directorsLegislative Liaisonbusiness officepersonnel officecommunications office, and general services.



These are ongoing, AS board-mandated functions with operating budgets, programming funds, office space, salaried student coordinators/assistants, hourly personnel and full-time staff. AS programs offer students a wide range of employment opportunities and help enrich the college experience through the many events, discussions and services they sponsor. Programs included in the AS are: Environment & Sustainability ProgramsRepresentation and Engagement ProgramsKVIKEthnic Student CenterOutdoor CenterAS ProductionsKUGS-FM, and Resource and Outreach programs.


Facilities and Services

The AS provides various facilities and services that offer Western students resources such as publicity and off-campus outdoor activities. The Publicity Center, Child Development Center, Lakewood, Recycle Center, Lost & Found, Off-Campus Housing Registry, Classified Ad Board, Viking Union, Viqueen Lodge, and Associated Students Bookstore are all facilities and services of the AS.


Clubs and Organizations

The AS offers a system designed to provide funding, space and services to Western students uniting around common interests for long or short-term activities. Student initiated and structured with AS staff support for advisement, continuity, referral and record keeping, the AS supports over two hundred student clubs.