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by Allen Rogers

Mixed media - 24" x 32" (2021)
In this current body of work that I am making, I am motivated by a compulsion to communicate. The paintings are intended to act as a conversation between text and image, however, that conversation is intentionally messy, crude, and at times hard to decipher. The messy and confusing conversation that is being depicted in the paintings can be understood as an internal dialogue. I stress the chaotic nature of the text and image utilizing expressive brushstrokes, bold text design, and illogical color choices. The aesthetic is made to look as if an angsty 17-year-old had the artistic sensibility of a naive 5-year-old. Most of the text included in the work begins as an intrusive thought and the image usually comes later in response. The images included can vary from appropriated pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog to Self-portraits. The text is often organized in a way that is influenced by memes, both in their formatting and in their attitude. The influence of the internet in my work is rooted more so in a general state of mind. Often times work about the internet is made digitally to really emphasize that the work is about the internet. In spite of that, the reason my work is analog in creation is because it’s more so as a result of the internet. If anything, the internet is a manifestation of the collective unconscious to me. My hope from the end product is to elicit a laugh from the audience followed by careful consideration of the relationship between the conflicting ideas and the personal narratives they represent.