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"To Remember"

by Parissa Rad

Gouache, watercolor, tea wash, and acrylic - 32" x 24" (2021)
I am an Iranian multidisciplinary artist expanding my artistic practices within drawing, painting, and ceramics. The concepts I explore within my works are tied to my Iranian identity and roots, something that has felt lost to me in the past. In the more recent years, I have desired to learn and connect with these parts of myself. I am inspired by nostalgic memories of growing up Iranian and both the utilitarian and decorative traditional artforms that originate from Iran. Elegant and detail-oriented motifs support the essence of Iranian art, culture, and religion. I am influenced by Persian rug designs, Persian miniature art, Islamic tilework, food, holidays, and symbols that originate from Iran. I draw imagery from these themes and emulate their vibrant color palettes within my work. The meditative practice of throwing vessels on the pottery wheel and the careful and intricate drawing styles I achieve using watercolor and gouache are deeply fulfilling for me. Working in collage style drawings has allowed me to create a flow of symbolism and memories relating to my life in Iran and the diaspora. An overwhelming desire to create art representative of my roots ultimately translates into an embodiment of my personal experiences and aesthetic appreciations. My art serves as a platform where I can safely explore narratives within these contexts.