The Student Enhancement Fund is a grant fund that seeks to give all WWU students access to funding to attend academic conferences, workshops, and other unique opportunities that enhance their academic experience, and professional/personal development in ways that can contribute to the betterment of our campus communities.


The fund provides financial assistance for the following aspects of student need: 


  • Travel expenses
  • Lodging expenses
  • Registration expenses 



How to Request Funds: 


Before applying for SEF funding, please read both the SEF Application Guidelines and SEF Policies thoroughly. Both documents can be found under SEF Resources


Applications must be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to an event utilizing the SEF Online Application Form, and the provided SEF Budget form in the application. 



Apply here at:



Immediately after submitting, please set up a meeting with the Student Enhancement Fund (SEF) Facilitator at, to review your submission and discuss the SEF funding process and other details.


Note: Requests will not be added to the SEF Committee Agenda until this meeting has occurred. 


Your application will be approved by the SEF Facilitator before the one-on-one meeting if there are no major issues with your application or budget form. This initial approval does not indicate or guarantee funding. 



Meeting Process:


Applications will be included in the upcoming SEF Committee's agenda the week after meeting with the SEF Fund Facilitator. 


Requests for less than $250 may be approved with an executive decision by the SEF Facilitator, without an SEF Committee meeting.


Requests for more than $250 will go through a one meeting process. The SEF Committee will go over your application and vote during the same meeting. 



SEF Resources:




The SEF Committee: 


The SEF Committee is a committee of WWU students who represent different aspects of WWU's student communities, committed to delivering the possibilities of SEF funding to student applicants in a fair, equitable manner. The committee processes student applicants based on the justifications of student applications, utilizing the SEF Committee rubric. 



SEF Committee Resources:



If you are interested in sitting in on a committee meeting, the SEF Committee will meet weekly on Tuesdays at noon, starting Fall Quarter 2018.


If you are interested in applying for the SEF Committee, the SEF Committee seeks new committee members for the upcoming Fall Quarter. Complete the Committee Application form at and indicate your interest to serve on the SEF Committee.