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AS Restructure Committee

Currently Vacant Seats
Campus Regulation


Committee Membership:

AS Vice President for Activities (Co-Chair)

AS Business Director (Co-Chair)

AS President

AS Vice President for Student Services

1 Student Staff Representative of the ESP or Outback

1 Student Staff Representative of AS Club Activities 

1 Student Staff Representative of the OC or KUGS

1 Student Staff Representative of the ESC

1 Student Staff Representative of the SAIRC

2 Student Staff Representatives of the Viking Union

1 Student Senator

1 Student at-Large



The purpose of the AS Restructure Committee is to develop and implement structural changes to the ASWWU to improve efficiency and accessibility of the organization by:

  • Evaluating the internal structure of the AS.
  • Working with current professional and student staff to collect input and feedback on proposed AS structural models.
  • Developing a proposal for a Student Activities Board.
  • Finalizing an overall proposal for the general AS structure.
  • Implementing changes to the AS, approved by the AS Executive Board and AS Student Senate.