AS Legislative Affairs Council

Political Engagement



Voting Members:

  • AS Vice President for Governmental Affairs (Chair): Erin Godwin (
  • AS Director of Legislative Affairs (Vice Chair): Stella Seth (
  • AS Local Issues Coordinator: Gabby Laipeniecks
  • AS Student Senator: Lauren Johnson
  • Student At Large: Binta Kolly
  • Student At Large: Andrew Kudrna
  • ESC Student Staff: Cole Farhat
  • LGBTQ+ Western Staff Representative: Lily Van Mullem and Sofia Trujilo
  • Disability Outreach Center Student Staff Representative: Lynna Hall
  • Black Student Coalition Student Staff Representative: Dibora Markos
  • Blue Resource Center Student Staff Representative: Kenia Soriano Hernandez
  • Sustainability Engagement Institute Student Staff Representative: Cole Burk
  • Non-Voting Members:

  • AS Voter Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator: Kira Davis
  • AS Civic Involvement Coordinator: Aspen Cates-Doglio
  • AS Vice President for Diversity: Morgan Whitt
  • Student Government Assistant: Dhwani Rathore
  • Office of Civic Engagement (Advisor): Casey Hayden (


    Legislative Affairs Council serves to increase student representation by:

    • Encouraging civic engagement and student participation in the political process.
    • Creating, reviewing, and proposing Local, State, Federal, and other proposed Legislative and Administrative Agendas to the Associated Students of Western Washington University (ASWWU) Board of Directors.
    • Submitting recommendations to the Washington Student Association (WSA) regarding the statewide Legislative Agenda.
    • Establishing contact with elected officials to ensure that student perspectives are being considered at all levels of government.
    • Formulating policy positions for all matters concerning students in higher education for approval by the AS Board of Directors.
    • Reviewing funding request proposals, making financial decisions, and monitoring the expenditures of student funds paid to the Legislative Action Fund.
    • Approving a budget for the Legislative Action Fund in areas designed to more directly represent Western Students at the local, state and federal level, which follows the LAF budget policy.