AS Queer Guild Council

Campus Regulation

The Queer Guild Council is a compilation of AS Queer and Trans Focused clubs working to set policies and procedures, to hold each other accountable and maintain the mission of the university by:

  • Creating program standards for AS Queer and Trans focused clubs.
  • Conducting strategic planning and long-term goals for individual clubs.
  • Providing a space in which AS leaders can come together and address issues affecting the community.
  • Allocating funds and making recommendations for the distribution of funds to AS Queer and Trans focused clubs.
  • Engaging in resource exchange between AS Queer and Trans focused clubs.
  • To foster inter-club communication and provide collaboration for large-scale events.

If you are part of a queer and/or trans focused club that would like to be a part of the Guild, please contact the Queer Resource Center at