Student Technology Fee Renewal

Shall the students of Western Washington University recommend the renewal of the Student Technology Fee at a rate of $35.00 per quarter for students with 6 credits or more and $17.50 per quarter for students with 1 to 5 credits? The fee will be effective for 5 years, and then will be subject to renewal.


Vote to approve the Student Technology Fee (STF)! The STF is a fee that was created by students to serve the technological needs of students at WWU. This proposed fee will provide students with more services than ever before.

After gathering feedback from students on campus, the STF Renewal Committee recommended this proposed fee. This renewed version of the Student Technology Fee will:

  • Provide for computer lab renewal and replacement
  • Fund the Microsoft Student Advantage (A license for Windows and Office)
  • Increase funding for the Student Technology Center
  • Support Wireless Network Renewal and Replacement (Upgrade Wi-Fi)
  • Fund Virtual Labs and U: Drive Upgrades (To access files and software from personal computers on or off campus)
  • Establish a Print Quota with 50 prints
  • Support the STF Proposal Fund

By voting to approve the fee, you will ensure that vital services provided to students are continued and preserved. These various services and resources benefit every student at Western, and we must ensure that these continue to exist. If the fee is not approved services provided by the Student Technology Center will end, student jobs in the Student Technology Center will be eliminated, new computers for our computer labs around campus won’t be purchased, there would be no upgrades to the Wireless network, and innovative technology would no longer be provided by the STF proposal fund each year.

Vote to preserve and increase the technological services, resources, and equipment provided to students at Western. Vote to approve the Student Technology Fee.


No against statement was submitted.